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Engineering - Solving Problems
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Aerospace Engnieering
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Principles of Engineering
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Computer Programming Academy
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Cisco Networking Academy
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Information Technology - Stay Connected
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Experience Engineering!

TEAMS is an annual high school competition helping students discover their potential for engineering.  Using their math, science and 21st century learning skills, students work together to problem-solve real, everyday world challenges.  Check website. Register Now.

Main Tabs ImageThe Robotics Club is a group of interested students who meet with some dedicated engineers that help the students build, from scratch, a fully working robot.  The process takes about 6 weeks of cutting, soldering, and drilling the component pieces together.  It is shipped to a Robotics competition with teams from around the nation and world competing.  Studying robotics is extremely entertaining and rewarding.  Robotics is for everyone – no previous knowledge is required. Check website.

Main Tabs ImageThe capstone event for students who participate in IT-Adventures is a two-day competition, named the IT-Olympics, held on the Iowa State University campus.  It features high school students showcasing their IT talents and knowledge in competitions and presentations.   IT-Olympics is also a celebration of IT, and is open to the public.  Check out the ISU website.

Audiatech Software

Main Tabs Image AutoDesk Community. Now you can push the boundaries of design with Autodesk® software. Download the same, full version software that over 9 million designers, engineers and digital artists are using at 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies in over 183 countries around the world. Experience the newest editions of 2D and 3D products, such as Autodesk® Inventor® and Autodesk® Revit®.  Check Website.

Class Highlights

  • Tab Image College Credit with no cost to students.
  • Tab Image Circuits: Learn principles of electricity.
  • Tab Image Programming: Learn basic concepts.
  • Tab Image Statics: Learn how forces act on bridges.
  • Tab Image Control Systems: Build robotic vehicles.
  • Tab Image Power and Energy: Learn about Solar technologies.
  • Tab Image Program with Alice graphically.
  • Tab Image Program with Python which is used by Google.
  • Tab Image Learn Coding concepts and design.
  • Tab Image Avoid Programming Errors by trouble-shooting.
  • Tab Image College Credit through Kirkwood Community College.
  • Tab Image Object Oriented Programming with Python
  • Tab Image College Credit through Kirkwood Community College.
  • Tab Image Learn Java using the latest technology.
  • Tab Image Java is Cool! Used by thousands of developers.
  • Tab Image Create Applications using graphical components.
  • Tab Image Develop Code in user friendly IDEs.
  • Tab Image Object Oriented Programming advanced skills.
  • Tab Image Cisco Networking 21st Century IT Skills.
  • Tab Image Wireless Networking Setup and Configuration.
  • Tab Image College Credit through Kirkwood Community College.
  • Tab Image Simulated Networks using Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Tab Image Online Resources with cutting edge technology.
  • Tab Image Setup Networks using routers and switches.


Student Login

Homework and Assignments

Adding Color PLTW Printer

Click the Start button
In the Search box, type (using the slash above the Enter key):
Hit Enter
Once the printer is added, you can close the
confirmation box that opens

In the Windows Search box type (Copy/Paste),



Hit Enter. Printer installs automatically.

Once the printer is added, you can close the confirmation box that opens.

Make sure that the WestLaser is set as your default printer.

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