West High Biology

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Access Biology Assignments Here


Ecology (Biome Poster/Biome in a Box/Biome Wiki)

Science Databases at West High

North American Biomes

Biomes (Your Textbook)

Virtual Population Lab (Worksheet Only - Click Here)

Cell Cycle and Cell Division Computer Lab

Human Chormosomes Basic study guide

Chromosome A more detailed look

Chromosomes Structure, Composition and more

The Cell Cycle Interactive animation

Control of the Cell Cycle From the Nobel Prize site

Mitosis Simulation Search for Mitosis

Mitosis Simulation 2

Phases of Mitosis From the University of Arizona

Centrioles From

Onion Root Tips Quiz - Show Mr. Audia your answers after getting at least 10 correct.


Gel Electrophoresis Lab


Evolution Lab

What effect does increasing the Selection Rate Variable have on the data after 250 Cycles?

What effect does increasing the Mutation Rate Variable have on the data after 250 Cycles?

Here is a link to a graphing website that can help you if you are not comfortable using EXCEL.


Use this link for the Web Guide on Viruses.

Bacteria and Viruses Web Guide

Cells Alive! How Big is…?

Useful link for review of metric units of measurement -

Prokaryotic Cell Division

Bacterial Conjugation Explained

Bacterial Conjugation Animation Quiz


Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote

Bacteria Cam

Obtaining Energy

Other Helpful Resources (Thanks to our school Librarian Jill Hofmockel):

Bacteria Shapes 

More Bacteria Shapes

Bacteria on the Web

Binary Fission

Binary Fission Animation


Plant Transpiration Virtual Lab

Invertebrate Web Study Guide

Animal Kingdom Characteristics

Symmetry and Types of Symmetry Explained

Sponge Anatomy (Poriferia)

Sponge Anatomy Part II

Sponge Diet

Hydra Anatomy Diagram (Label with Letters on the worksheet)

More Cnidarians Anatomy

Nematocysts and Cnidocytes

The Deadliest Creature

Flat Worms (Platyhelminthes)

Flat Worm Characteristics

Round Worms (Nematoda)

Segmented Worms - Earthworms (Annelida)

Earthworm Characteristics

Key Features of Annelids


Mollusk Anatomy

How pearls are made


Echinodermata (Sea Urchins and Starfish)

More on Echinoderms