Principles of Engineering

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This course includes hands on engineering experiences, the study of engineering jobs available in today‚Äôs market, exploring various technical and manufacturing systems, and how math and physics are applied in engineering. Projects are used to combine knowledge with engineering skills. Students will use computer programs such as MDSolids, AutoDesk Inventor, and West Point Bridge Builder on projects. Units of study include: Definition and Types of Engineering, Communication and Documentation, Design Process, Engineering Systems (Mechanisms, Thermodynamics, Fluid Systems, Electrical systems, Control Systems), Statics and Strength of Materials, Materials and Materials Testing, Engineering for Reliability, and an Introduction to Dynamics/Kinematics. This is a one-period class over 3 trimesters, students may be required to work more at home, after school and before school to finish projects. Students can qualify for 3 hours college credit at the Universisty of Iowa or Iowa State University if they successfully complete the class and pass the college credit exam with a stanine score of  6 or better. Some colleges may accept this credit, but to be sure verify with the college. Other colleges granting college credit include Purdue, Bradley, Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Illinois just to name a few.

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