PLTW College Credit Exams

Welcome to the Project Lead The Way Testing Center

On this site, you will be able to take the End of Course Examination for the Project Lead The Way courses you are currently enrolled in. The successful completion of this examination will qualify you to participate in the college and university credit program.

See which colleges accept PLTW Credit around the country and here in Iowa.

To take this test, you must first be registered with the system. Your instructor should have guided you through this process earlier.
The exam contains 50 questions and you have 45 minutes to complete the exam.
Mr. Audia will be present during the examination and assist you in logging into the system.
If you have any questions, raise your hand to gain the attention of the instructor.
A tutorial is available that provides instruction on choosing answers, marking items for review, and navigating around the exam. The tutorial is available  from the exam’s Information page.
You must not close your browser window during an exam. Should your exam be interrupted, the test timer will continue. Quickly log back into the system and chose “Resume Test” from the menu.
Once the allotted time is reached, the exam will be submitted for grading.
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